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Authentic Taste,
Greater Experience
  • · Excellent flavor
  • · Cost-effective
  • · Authentic taste
  • · Apply to Mini, Mini Plus, Zero, 4X

*The Uni seires applys to diffrent pods model.

Star Flavors
  • · Professionally formulated by international perfumers
  • · Premium ingredients
  • · Advance multi-step creation process
  • · Multiple rounds of extracting,
  •    blending and adjusting
  • · Resulting in the finest tasting experience

Ice Grape

Mung Bean

Yummy Lychee

California Soda

Soul Menthol

Ice Passion


Fruit Tea

Black Ice


Ceramic Pod
Core Selling Point
Flagship ceramic pod
Bringing back the authentic taste
Brand-new black ceramic coated pod
Global quality benchmark for
electronic atomization technology
Steady output of atomized particles
Consistent and extraordinary mouthfeel
  • · Capacity: 2mL
  • · Quantity: 2 pods
  • · Drip Tip Material: Medical grade PCT-G
  • · Coil Head: FEELM honeycomb ceramic
  • · Product Size: 1.95 x 2.1 x 1.15cm
  • · Package Size: 4 x 4 x 2cm
  • · Product Weight: 0.006kg
  • · Package Weight: 0.026kg
Bestselling Flavors
  • · Over 25 bestselling flavors
  • · Discover your favorite taste!
  • · More popular flavors coming soon!

Pink Smoothie

Classic Tobacco

Golden Slush

Green Punch

Cola Beats

Ice Lolly

New Flavors
  • · New flavors listed
  • · Updated Monthly
  • · Every flavor is amazing
  • · New flavors coming soon

Juicy Pear

Spring Breeze

Peach Soda

Orange Soda

Ice Mango

Flagship Cotton Pod Device
Core Selling Point
Flagship cotton pod device
Full-bodied refined flavor
Innovative cotton pod
A fantastic of taste
Simple atomizing process
True to taste
Transparent Pod
With Cotton Atomizer
YOOZ official transparent pod with cotton atomizer is here !
Original menthol flavor, full-bodied draw feeling!
  • · Clear and transparent case
  • · Modern and ultra-fine design
  • · Drip Tip Material: Medical grade PCT-G
  • · Atomizing process is clearly seen
  • · Vaping is easily monitored
Apply to Uni series
Apply to ZERO, MINI, 4X
0% Nicotine
Without Nicotine Inside